Queer Puppetry

Queer Puppets Cabaret
Fri 17 Mar

Expect the unexpected as Strangelove presents an evening of uncensored, queerky puppetry.

Established in September 2016 as a bi-monthly platform, Queer Puppets Cabaret is committed to offering challenging, bizarre, satirical, sexy and profound puppetry that is often under represented in mainstream theatre and performance spaces.

Inspired by the history of radical puppetry that sees puppets as the public voice, saying what no one else is, challenging political authority, moral taboos and exposing social inequality. Queer Puppets Cabaret is an event where humour, immorality and puppets collide.

The night is hosted by the infamous Tatiana and her ‘special’ guests and stories.

Expect the unexpected! From human size puppets and headless dolls to raucous paper creatures and birthing puppets.

Join us from 7:30pm for music and laughter in the upstairs bar
Main performance starts at 8:30. Duration 120 mins with intervals

18+ scenes of nudity. Themes and language of an adult nature