Monday 16 March  19.00   |  platform theatre    
Tony Grisoni’s
For the Dark 


An extraordinary event for anyone beguiled by the process of film making, featuring a unique staging of an excerpt from Dream Home, a new screenplay by one of the UK’s most exciting screenwriters, Tony Grisoni. Tony’s credits include Southcliffe, The Red Riding Trilogy, In this World, Brothers of the Head and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Amongst others, he has collaborated with Samantha Morton, Michael Winterbottom and Terry Gilliam as well as with artists such as Brian Catling, Dryden Goodwin and Oona Grimes. Tony has also directed his own award winning short films which have screened in mainstream film festivals and gallery spaces. You’ll be able to watch excerpts from the full range of his work and Tony will be talking to the audience and answering questions about his work and influences. 

Tuesday 17 March  14.30 -17.30  |  studio theatre       
Armchair Surfers Digital Revolutionaries

Works that engage with our everyday, static surfing, obsessive interaction with the natural language and enamour of all things digital and internet.

IP Overlords
part one (48 mins)

Ciprian Mureşan, Un chien andalou', 2004, 51'', 
Maya Watanabe  'A-PHAN-OUSIA', 2008, 4'45'', 80m2 
Livia Benavides Brian Bress  'Rock Your Body', 2005, 4'45''
Hayal Pozanti, ’A Lifetime of Likes', 2014, 25", 
Tabor Robak, ’Vatican Vibes', 2011, 5'16''
Elizabeth Price, ’The Tent', 2012, 12', 
Hayal Pozanti, ‘IP Overlords', 2014, 12", 
Leo Gabin, ’Oh Baby', 2013, 2'49'', 
Nate Boyce, ’Scroll Sequence', 2014, 5'33''
Takeshi Murata | 'OM Rider', 2013, 11'39'
Hayal Pozanti, ’Mobile Blinders', 2014, 15"


Wet Dave (boom boom)
Part two  (50 mins)

Saya Woolfalk, ’ChimaTek: Hybridization Machine', 2013, 3'40''
Brian Alfred, ’Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights', 2014, 3'
Parker Ito, ’Wipeout XL (Miami Beach)', 2014, 15’44”
Hayal Pozanti, ’Virtual Diaspora', 2014, 22”
Charles Richardson, ’Rehearsal (Miami edit)', 2014, 4’
Rachel Rose, ’A Minute Ago’, 2014, 8’43’’
Hayal Pozanti, ’Empathy Box', 2014, 22", 2014, 25"
Clunie Reid, ’Wet Dave (boom boom)', 2009, 5'34''
Rashaad Newsome, ’KNOT', 2014, 4'
Jon Rafman, ’Juan Gris Dream House'

How happy a thing can be 
Part three (47 mins)

David Blandy and Manasseh, "Samurai Story", 2008, 8’10”
Cecile B. Evans ’How happy a Thing can be’, 2014, 9’30’
David Blandy, How to make extinction, 2014, 9’48”
Beatrice Gibson, F for Fibonacci, 2014, 16’20”
Biters (Larry Achiampong and David Blandy), To Bite, 2015  3’35”

Wednesday 18 March    10.00 - 18.00  |  studio theatre    
In Focus

10.00    Mark Wallinger 	Threshold to the Kingdom   (11’23”)	2000

11.00    Susan Hiller		    Resounding  (30”)

11.30    Douglas Gordon	    Phantom  (53’)  2011

12.30    Yan Xing		    Daddy	(60’) 		2011	

13.30    Jordan Baseman	    July the Twelfth 1984  	2004   USA/UK

14.30    Laurie Simmons	    Music of Regret, (feat. Meryl Streep) 40 mins, 

15.30    Scott  Reeder	    Moon Dust (feature length), Kavi Gupta Gallery

16.30    Jennifer Reeder       A MILLION MILES AWAY + small films 
                                                    + BLOOD  BELOW THE SKIN

Wednesday 18 March    18.00 - 20.00  |  studio theatre

Identity and politics 1

Ivan Riches			Murmurs 	(2’56”)	
Eric Fong			        reflections 	(4’)
Stephen Lee Hodgkins    bodeelanwigch	(2’27”)
Maryam Tafkory  	         I was five when I became a woman (4’26”)
Katherine Araniello		Lazy Baby   (3’23’) 2014
				         sweet dreams  (4’16”)
				         sick bitch 
                                             Santa baby’ (3’29”    							                           35 minutes approx

Identity and politics 2

Curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou 

Veronika Reichl           Satre: The Look   (2012)  2:08’’
Kevin Frilet                  Under  (2014)  3:48’’
Stephen Irwin             The Black Dog's Progress  (2008)     3:15’’
David Birkin                 Foregone (2011) 01:45
Ornana Films              Confusion Through Sand  (2013)     9:20’’
Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein Balance  (1989)    7:40’’
Total 27:0’’

Thursday 19 March    |  14.00 - 15.30  |  studio theatre

Performance and Documentary

Gun Holmström	CANAL GLITCH, 2011. (4’) minutes (Finland)
Prem Sarjo	DIE HEILE WELT  (1’13”)  2013 (Chile)
Vest&Page	Performances at the Core of the Looking Glass”  Antarctica, 2012 (9’57”) (Italy/Germany)
Maryam Tafakory     I was five when I became a woman    (5’) 2014	
Running time approx. 30 minutes


16.00 Studio Theatre
The In Focus series examines artists work in more depth, looking at a range of work. The works here are not shown in chronological order, they are shown juxtaposed, starting in 1976 with Associations and ending with The Girl Chewing Gum also made in 1976.

Friday 20 March   | 10.00 - 12.00  | studio theatre     

Performance on film

Dara Birnbaum - Arabesque  2013) 6’37”Babette Mangolte - Trisha Brown - Watermotor, 7’55”, Broadway 1602. 
Martha Rosler - God Bless America 1 min
Marnie Weber - The Night of Forevermore, 2012, 14.45 min
Joan Jonas – Song Delay 1973 (18’ 35’)

Running time approx. 48 minutes

Friday 20 March   | 12.00 - 14.00  |  studio theatre

Noise Level

12.00 – 14.00      	Performance / sound / music   Noise level

Sound is such an important element in the moving image. I think it is almost true to say there was never a silent film era, from early on live music accompanied images. In advertising terms, sound is a powerful tool ….you can’t sell bacon without the sizzle. Artists have been fascinated either with sound or the absence of sound. This series of works explore just a few of the ways that sound and music are represented and are of course just a starter pack. But the connection with performance is important along with John Cage because although it may not be so evident in the work, Cage has probably had more influence than perhaps any other artist; Cage changed the way we listen.

Nigel Slight		            Anthem 2008 (3’30”)
Conor Kelly		            Sound and Music ( 5’ approx.)
Sean Dower		            Automaton 2006  (6”)
Richard Wilson		Butterfly  (10’ approx.)
Graham Fagen		War c/w I murder Hate 2014 (7’32”) 
Paul Bush                            His Comedy   (8’)
David Austen		Man smoking 2009 (5’29” )
David Bickerstaff		Xenon  2011 (23’)
and Mikhail Karikis

Running time approx. 60 minutes


The strangelove is first edition of an Biennial  artist time based media festival opens with a collaboration with Central Saint Martins. The festival developed from a wish list and proposals from staff at the University that we incorporated into certain themes and ideas. Inevitably as proposals came in the programme altered to accommodate the various talks, discussions and seminars and live performance events. The theme of this festival is the Moving Image. The main programme is listed in the blog, specially designed by Georgia Cranstoun, a GCD student at CSM. The programme on this site are those screenings curated or commissioned by David Gryn and Terry Smith.

We would like to thank all the staff at CSM for their work on making the festival happen and in particular to the events team, Gill Henderson, Laura McNamara and Sarah Campbell. A huge thnaks to Mark Dunhill, Dean of Fine Art for making it happen at CSM and of course the various galleries and lenders; special thanks to Vassiliki Tzanakou and to SHAPE for their curatorial contributions and most of all to the artists who have shown great generosity to allow us to show their work.


Armchair Surfers Digital Revolutionaries

Identity and Politics  part 1 and 2

Performance and Documentary

Performance on film

Noise Level

Saskia Reeves is a stage, screen and TV actor, who has worked with directors including Mike Leigh,Stephen Poliakoff,Michael Winterbottom and Nicholas Hytner, Steven Berkoff and Max Stafford-Clark. Reeves is one of the country's most fearless talents. She has recently featured in WOLF HALL, NYMPHOMANIAC vol 1, LUTHER and WOMEN in LOVE.

Tony Grisoni

Walking/Tracking 1975
Gary Stevens
Performer: Kelvin Stevens
A three-minute super-8 film.

A cameraman walks through a landscape filming a perpendicular view. The
heels of a person walking in the same direction and parallel to the
cameraman are clipped at the edge of frame. The figure appears to move
backwards through and out of the frame as the camera slowly overtakes him.


Type / Single channel

Genre / Art on art, Experimental  Country / Finland

Picture ratio / 4:3

Duration / 00:04:00

Sound format / Stereo

Year / 1997

Credits / Roi Vaara (Author), Pettufilmi OY / - (Producer)