RCA Animation: Transmute

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RCA Animation: Transmute

Rather than taking one form, it is more accurate to think of animation as an ‘indiscipline’ that synthesises all other art forms. It is the place where drawing, painting and sculpture meet poetry, puppetry, dance, photography, literature, philosophy, drama, film, architecture, kinetic, light and sound art.  In this programme of films from the Royal College of Art Animation archives, curator Birgitta Hosea has gone through over 30 years of work to select films that explore materiality through the language of animation.


Stuart Hilton, Pendulum, 1991 (2.16), Alice Dunheath, You Could Sunbathe in This Storm, 2014 (6.00), Aline Helmcke, Pavement, 2007 (1.03), Jack Hague, Grand Mal, 1999 (1.18), Jan Otto Ertesvaag, Surge, 1996 (1.03), Alice de Barrau, Lick My Scab, 2015 (2.48), Birgitta Hosea, Erasure, 2017 (3.00), Betsy Dadd, Terra Infirma, 2013 (4.39), Oscar Lewis, The Waves, 2016 (4.37), Joana Silva, Lemon Tree, 2016 (4.40), Alice de Barrau, Lying Belly, 2016 (3.48), Pia Borg, Palimpsest, 2008 (10.20), Stuart Hilton, Wrong, 1991 (3.01)


‘All films shown courtesy of RCA Animation’, Featured Image: Stuart Hilton, Pendulum, 1991 (2.16)