Animotion:  What animation creates is more than the illusion of motion and change. It is a poetic synthesis of all art forms, the worlds of ideas and sciences aiming to move, even a particle of, the human ‘anima’ or ‘psyche’ as it represents the totality of the human mind, the conscious and the unconscious. This is what ‘Animotion’ explores through a journey of a series of short, animated films, curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou.

Featured artists:

Meng Zhou, Core (2017) 3.50

Mr Freeman, part o, (2009) 2.57

Ornana Films, Confusion Through Sand (2013) 9.24

Semicondouctor, 20hz (2011) 5.14

Stephen Irwin, The Black Dog’s Progress (2008) 3.15

Wolfgang & Christoph Lauenstein, Balance (1989) 7.40